We teach others how to treat us

photo credit: ????? ??????? Having come from a family of much dysfunction: addiction, rage, depression, etc., I understand first hand the experience that comes from feelings of hopeless desperation. The insanity in my own life did not begin to diminish until I started noticing, and taking responsibility for, the way I interacted with others, until I recognized that my reactions to life were, in fact,

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The Story of A Face; Part One

I often think of the physical body as being a laboratory for the work of transforming our minds. The two, body and mind, are intrinsically connected. It seems pretty obvious that, if the world is a mirror, the body would be one too! How could the body and mind not be connected? In my research, I have found that many of our beliefs are housed

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Seeking Thoughts That Generate Peace Instead of Pain

photo credit: tapperboy I believe that to move out of victim consciousness, we must replace our old way of looking at the world with a set of guiding principles that provides a more healing framework for understanding the terrible things we go through. Since I see the world as a mirror, I trust that those people who act destructively towards others will reap the full

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Our Beliefs Determine Our Life Experience

photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ When we hold beliefs that leave us doubting that we can have what we want, we create feelings of separation within us. We set ourselves apart from the world of abundance with an expectation of lack, scarcity, thwarted dreams and goals. The result is a harvest of outcomes that validate the limitation we believe in and expect. If we believe, for

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Not The World, But Our Thoughts Cause Our Suffering

photo credit: Just Add Light I understand the dilemma created when we believe in an unkind and unjust world. I too once saw the world through a similar lens and experienced the repercussions of believing such scary thoughts. There IS a shift in perception that is necessary and does happen (gradually for some, more quickly for others) as we seriously commit to the work of

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