The Path of Verification

I grew up on universal laws handed to me by my mother, a metaphysical student and teacher. The Kybalion was my basic text, and studying those principles through observing them in my own life has been a lifelong journey of adventure. This practice of witnessing (rather than judging) is to turn the otherwise largely unconscious series of seemingly unrelated events that we call “our life” into a journey of expanding consciousness. And when we combine observation with an overall lens constructed from the aforementioned universal laws, witnessing becomes evidence that verifies those same laws.

In reality, we are always walking a path of verification because whatever we believe will be our experience. The body believes what the mind perceives, we will see what we believe, not the other way around. In that way, therefore, we will automatically look for and use evidence that verifies whatever we believe in. We will even twist and turn situations in a way that allows us to use them as verification.

Lately, I've been intensely focused on witnessing the level of fear I see (and have been feeling in my own body) and its harvest in my own life … and using the principles to turn my awareness away from fear to the safety that love offers instead.

In metaphysics we use an analogy of Light absorbing dark …how it is that just a ray of light makes so much visible in the dark. Light expands and includes the darkness; it is Love, while darkness shrinks and contracts life into the narrow blindness of Fear.

I had an encounter this past weekend on my path that so verifies the universal law that says, “Love conquers all.”

I was in my car, driving to visit a friend in a gated community a few miles away, and had gotten into backed-up traffic, turning left. I had the green light to go and was making the turn, when suddenly a car darted ahead and directly in front of me, to make the turn ahead of me. I braked hard and steered hard the opposite way from the culprit, only to suddenly see a car whizzing fast towards me from the opposite lane. I braked hard and barely stopped inches from the fast-moving car.

The first car moved on without looking back, but the car I had almost hit, stopped and turned around and came after me in hot pursuit. I could see the fury in her driving, and I slowed down so she could catch me, and know I was not trying to escape. My friend's gate was close by, and I pulled in and stopped.

I felt no fear, only compassion for her rage about our close call.  I immediately opened the door and moved towards her, and she leaped out of the car, long, beautiful multi-colored braids flying behind; she looked the epitome of a warrior, ready for attack. “You have no idea about how close I am to the edge with all that's going on in my life right now, and this is the final straw … you better hope there is not a scratch on my car … and she stalked around her car looking for evidence that would justify her attack.

I stayed calm, I felt calm… I saw not a mad woman to fear, but a desperate woman feeling totally at the mercy of the world; she was in full-blown victim. And I simply loved her. I told her about the other car swerving around in front of me, and said, “I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been for you to see me coming towards you!” Slowly she began to bring her tone down… But it was when I said, “I am just glad that our vehicles were bubbled in protection so that we were protected” that she said “Praise GOD!” and her whole body relaxed. She then asked if I was ok, and we ended up hugging. She held on to the hug like she was drinking it up. And I realized how hungry she was for love.

And I realized that it was the Love she felt coming through me that worked to calm and restore peace in what could have turned into a dark encounter.

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