Reframing the Resurrection Story of Christ

I see the Christ story through a metaphysical lens that sees the life of Christ as being purposeful in exemplifying what it looks like to walk through victimization without succumbing to victim consciousness. He walked a path of initiation that demonstrated what it is to be an eternal and sovereign being in full awareness of who he is. He knew he was the son of the One and Almighty King; he understood who his father was; he knew that he was of Divinity, here to demonstrate the same sovereignty that is available for us each to claim.

He came to remind us of our own true identity! We too must each go through our own unique sort of crucifixion on our way to uncover our true identity as children of the One Source. We each must die to the victim ego in us that thinks we are the body and nothing more – we must surrender that limited mindset to understand who we truly are as pure energy made manifest!

Jesus exemplified awareness on the cross, when he said, “Forgive them, they do not know what they do (because they have forgotten who they are!). Remembering who we are is the purpose of the hardships, trauma, crisis, disease, etc. that we face in life – it is our personal crucifixion that is necessary for our Awakening!

What if you believed that Jesus is not a victim of His Father’s wrath, but instead a sovereign being who agreed to come for his own initiation? What if you believe he accepted coming as an opportunity to remember his divinity in the midst of a human incarnation – and in the coming served us all, by showing us how to walk through our own trials and tribulations without blame or feeling a victim at the mercy of a merciless God?

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