Lynne has been working with individuals and groups professionally since 1973. Starting as a “Personal Growth Counselor” with a Chattanooga TN HMO, much of her work in the early days revolved around addiction, co-dependency issues and “family-of-origin” cultural dynamics. Through face-to-face interaction with hundreds of clients, applying principles and teachings from Carl Jung, Fritz Perl's Gestalt Therapy, and Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, well as the universal laws of manifestation, body oriented practices (such as yoga, myofacial unwinding, and qigong) she has continued to develop and expand her simple, straight forward, and practical approach to awakening, and living a happier, more fulfilling life.

“I have come to see that we as humans tend to react to life in one of two ways – we either react out of the “victim mind,” with its need to find someone or thing to blame, or we learn to stand back and see life through the eyes of the “observer, a state of consciousness that witnesses, without judgment.

I teach people how to recognize their own victim mind that sees themselves and others as being at the mercy of life, and to cultivate instead a degree of radical self-responsibility and self-acceptance that sets them on the path to inner freedom, peace, and inner joy” – Lynne

Lynne encourages clients to explore their own basic belief blueprint and shares ways of liberating themselves, mentally and physically from the painful concepts that have held them prisoners of their own fears and resentment.

After decades of working with others,  Lynne continues her outreach to others, by offering individual sessions, groups and workshops of various kinds. Book A Session

Lynne is also an excellent teacher, and dynamic speaker, who shares clearly and compellingly on the subject of transcending victim consciousness.

Contact Lynne at l[email protected] to learn more about how to book Lynne, as a guest teacher or speaker, for your group.

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