Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness

Victim Consciousness has reached epidemic proportions in our world.

Victim Consciousness is the prevalent state of mind that looks out at and blames the outside world for our present state of being. Victim Consciousness is often recognized by the language we use when we’re in it. “He made me. They won’t let me. She keeps me from. They did it to me.” When we use phrases like that, we know that we are in Victim Consciousness. So, learning to liberate our minds from Victim Consciousness means that we are able to let go of our resistance to life. We’re able to stop fighting the future and stop agonizing over the past.

This book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, presents the antidote to Victim Consciousness. Through the 14 guiding principles that the book offers and describes in detail and through the lens of those guiding principles which I’ve gathered over a lifetime of study and personal exploring, we evolve another way of seeing life. One that understands the nature of the constructs of reality and uses that understanding in daily application to transform our minds. It works.

As long as I have your book, I know I can always find my way back to happiness.
Thank you again, you are always included in my daily practice prayers!!
– William R. Abercrombie, Chattanooga, TN


Journey Home Guided Meditations

Journey Home to Higher Self is the first step in the actual practice of freeing yourself from the Victim Triangle rather than more theory. This practice solves the more immediate problem of angst and suffering and, frankly, it’s the step that really must come first if the theory is to be understood and internalized. I hope this makes sense and emboldens you to get started with the practice now, rather than wait for more theory! In my most tranquil, slightly southern-accented voice, I will guide you through two relaxed journey's that are uniquely your own.

Meditation 1— Journey Home to Your Higher Self
A guided meditation designed to empower you to see your daily life and the people in it as essential parts of your personal and spiritual journey.

Meditation 2— Releasing the Angst of Your Day
A guided meditation designed to help you clear your day. It’s especially helpful when you find yourself unable to sleep due to worry or anxiety around life situations. This meditation will help to induce a relaxed state even as it facilitates movement out of the victim mind state and into observer consciousness.

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