The Reality Formula®

Beliefs + Emotion + Reaction = Reality
“When we believe our thoughts, we automatically feel and act as if what we believe is true, which means we will react in ways that invite the world and those around us to respond in ways that prove us right.” – Lynne Forrest
When we are stuck in victim consciousness, we experience:
  • Conflict in primary relationship(s)
  • Feeling bullied
  • Feeling overwhelmed and helpless
  • Feeling at the mercy of our life circumstance
  • Unresolved guilt and/or resentment
  • Feeling unappreciated for all we do and give
  • Lack of self- confidence
  • Feeling used, abused, useless, and misunderstood

Everyone experiences “victim consciousness” at least occasionally; the Reality Formula® brings awareness to victim consciousness, allowing us to reframe our perspective and move beyond victim consciousness.  The Reality Formula® teaches us how all minds operate because it shows us how what we believe creates what we experience in life. In other words, how thoughts create reality.

Move towards gaining confidence in effectively applying the Reality Formula® to your life experience by signing up for our bi-monthly, membership webinar,  Reality Formula Live.

As a subscribing member of Reality Formula Live, you will be able, not only to witness Lynne's work directly with members who bring to her their own challenging life situations in an effort to access a way of seeing things more positively, but also being a subscriber allows you to participate with Lynne and Jaquetta yourself! You can share your comments, ask questions, and even volunteer to come on as a volunteer to do some of your own work with Lynne. We strongly believe that subscribing as a member to Reality Formula Live is a great opportunity and learning experience for wherever you are on the journey of moving beyond victim consciousness.

More Recommendations For Becoming Adept At Practicing The Reality Formula:

Discussion of the Guiding Principles of Reality that provide a way out of Victim Consciousness by accessing universal law is a wonderful way to internalize the material, and helps you to better understand how others feel and react the way they do based on the what they believe about themselves and the world. Why not consider doing a study group with conscious friends, using Lynne's book as a guide?

Just invite 2-6 friends who you consider to be serious about learning how to apply tools of consciousness for improving life and realizing better connection to meet with you regularly for that purpose. There is nothing like watching how effective these tools are in the lives of those around you to reinforce your own personal experience of finding inner peace using the simple, yet effective, tools shared in Lynne's book.

Learning to recognize when we are in Victim Consciousness and to practice moving beyond it to a place of inner peace makes the study of the Reality Formula truly worthwhile. As you get better at responding to your own life circumstances with peace, you will find, that, without even trying, you will become a model of peace for others to witness and emulate.

Practicing these principles changes not only the way you see yourself, but completely changes the way you interact with the world around you as well. You will be able to experience sometimes miraculous transformation in your closest relationships; shifts occur that you may have never dreamed possible. Your entire way of seeing the world changes.

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