How Do We Stop The Insanity We See In The World?

To cause a difference in the world out there, we must first live the principles of love within. We must believe and feel that belief internally  before we can experience love out there in the world.The turning point is when we decide to commit to believing and looking for how love is already possible. An internal shift must first occur for peace to be possible.

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What does it mean to be conscious?

Consciousness is simply the ability to see our selves clearly. Sometimes what we see clearly, is not what we want to see, and we get to choose whether to slip back into the darkness of the reactive mind (and deny it as if it doesn’t exist – which, btw, does not get rid of it), or to grow forward, by learning from the mind-made density

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Exchanging Guilt For Aligned Conscience

Guilt often turns into self-persecution. We incur guilt for something we think we have done wrong, something we think we should not have done, for instance, and then turn to self recrimination and blame of ourselves and others. It does not further. There’s a difference between guilt induced self-blame and a well-developed conscience, however. Conscience prompts us to recognize when we are living outside of

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Conscious Choice For Inner Freedom

We, as parents and teachers, often focus on and seek ways we can raise self-esteem in our children  – but building self-esteem in children is NOT a goal in and of itself Self esteem is not a thing that can be taught It is a result In reality self-esteem is the natural consequence that comes from consciously practicing personal choice Teaching children that how they

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Reframing the Resurrection Story of Christ

I see the Christ story through a metaphysical lens that sees the life of Christ as being purposeful in exemplifying what it looks like to walk through victimization without succumbing to victim consciousness. He walked a path of initiation that demonstrated what it is to be an eternal and sovereign being in full awareness of who he is. He knew he was the son of 

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