The Reality Diamond: Tool #2 For Consciously Constructing Our Reality

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Tool Number 2: The Reality Diamond Two-Hour Deep Dive into this important tool for Conscious Reality Construction! The Reality Diamond A State of Conscious Empowerment Buy Your Ticket Here During this two-hour class with Lynne Forrest as your guide, you will learn to recognize when you (and others) are in victim and become better at […]


Reality Formula Live!

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  The Reality Formula® contains this basic equation for creating reality: (Our) Belief + (our) Emotion + (our) Reaction = (our Personal) Reality   Sign Up & Member Sign-In Join me, Lynne Forrest, and my daughter, Jaquetta for Reality Formula Live and practice using the 10 Guiding Principles which are practical, simple keys that free […]

Transformational Body and Breathwork Journey

Guilfoil Dance Arts Center 4646 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL

Transformational Body and Breathwork Journey with Certified Breathwork facilitator Lynne Forrest and her son, Andrew Guilfoil, Florida State Certified Massage Therapist, and Ballet Master. Where: Guilfoil Dance Arts Center 4646 […]