How Do We Stop The Insanity We See In The World?

To cause a difference in the world out there, we must first live the principles of love within. We must believe and feel that belief internally before we can experience love out there in the world. The turning point is when we decide to commit to believing and looking for how love is already possible. An internal shift must first occur for peace to be possible. This is the place where we, you and I, get misaligned.

We, humans, are designed to be easily seduced by the 3D mirage we see around us. What I mean is we make what we see “out there” reality and forget that we are looking at a projection of our own thoughts and beliefs. Changing those thoughts and beliefs is the way to experience transformation in the world.

But we tend to fall for the horrific story we see playing out in the world, forgetting that the world is a screen where the events in our minds are being projected. Just because what we see is 3D, doesn’t mean that what we see is “real.”

We protest loudly – how can we not? – when what we see, hear and experience feels like a physical reality that violates and attacks us. Thus, we resort to demanding and trying to force it to stop hurting us.

We cannot stop the physical world from turning into the inner drama we play out in our minds. It becomes “real” in the mind FIRST before it manifests in the world- therefore we must see peace in the mind FIRST before we can manifest it in the world.

The world is a mirror. It reflects the inner-scape of our minds. It was made to show us a “real” life experience made up of our own inner convictions and beliefs. And the more we engage with what we see in the world the more we reinforce our belief that what we see is “real.”

We must change our internal movie to see a different screenshot of reality out there. We have to change the internal dialogue about the state of the world we see FIRST before we can experience a different, more friendly place outside us.

We cannot use anger and shoving back to produce loving kindness, because love and kindness do not and cannot come from hate.

There are two equal and very opposite creative powers that work within us to create the world we experience: Love and/or Fear.

When we focus attention on the horrible things that are happening, we generate more of the fear that creates those things.

Fear and anger prompt us to react from one of the three roles of victim (rescuer, persecutor, rescuer) which produces more to be feared and hated. Our practice, if love is what we seek, is to focus conscious intention on opening our hearts to see within, even before we can see without, the freedom, peace and love we want to see!

Make it a daily habit to look for and focus on every little freedom, kindness, etc. that is available now, in this moment –
This is where we start… we catch ourselves focusing on the problem we see and choose to focus on the possibility of something different. Look for in the world examples of what you want to see and watch what becomes possible.
This is not easy. We are programmed to believe in what we see, when, in reality, we must believe in what we want to see before it can be seen…
This is my understanding of what Universal Law teaches us about how to shift external events from the inside out.

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