We Teach Others How To Treat Us

photo credit: ????? ??????? For years I’ve said to clients, “we teach people how to treat us.” Let me explain what I mean by those words: Let’s say that someone believes that they are unimportant. How would that person interact with others in their life? If we observed closely we might watch that person put the needs of others first, often ignoring their own to

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Making Peace With Reality

photo credit: Vincepal To find peace from the state of victim consciousness, we must do the following : We must come to trust that we are in an alliance with a Greater Intelligence that is benevolent and interested in our well-being. We must let go of our demand that life be the way we think it should be and accept the way it is. We

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Defining Victimhood

photo credit: andybullock77 The term “victimhood” as I use it, refers to a painful mental state of consciousness that originates from limiting beliefs we hold that cause unhappiness. Being a victim by this definition has little to do with our outside circumstances. It is a state of consciousness that is based on our perception of those circumstances. Victims, by this definition, perceive themselves as unfortunate,

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Victimhood Is Our Made-Up Stories About Reality

photo credit: ladyb Every day is filled with opportunities for us to practice consciously choosing our responses to life. Rather than reacting habitually out of old patterns of belief we chose, instead, to be awake; we are watchful for times when our unconscious thoughts & words land us in a state of victimhood. I often remind my clients that landing in a state of victimhood

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Resistance: Food for the Victim Ego

 photo credit: Dalliano0925????? We all have a part of us that focuses on the negative and generates resistance to life in the form of negativity. I call that part of us, the “victim ego.” The victim ego is the part of us that is in constant resistance to the world, with thoughts like, “I didn’t deserve that, it’s not fair” and “Look what they did

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