Why do bad things happen to children?

“You say there are no true victims … but what about a child? How can an innocent child be responsible for the “bad” things that befall them?” We are all innocents until we become conscious of the metaphysical principles behind manifestation and the law of attraction. Metaphysical Science teaches that whatever vibration we are aligned with will be the frequency we, like magnets, will attract.

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We Are Vibrational Beings

We are vibrational beings living in a world based on vibration. The Universe absolutely gives us what we “ask” for … not necessarily the things we request verbally, nonetheless we unfailingly get whatever it is that our vibrational frequency “requests”. The Universe picks up on our vibrational frequency and attracts to us that which reflects that same vibration. Every one’s life experience is determined by their vibrational

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Life Experiences Reflect Internal Stories

Our unhealed stories run us from the unconscious. They generate a vibrational frequency that attracts into our lives a “like vibration” or similar frequency. For instance, my own experience as someone who was sexually abused was that for years I attracted and was attracted to abusive men … over and over I attracted men into my life who I basically re-enacted my childhood abuse with. I

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