Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part four)

Last post, I spoke of how I was led step by step back into a conscious relationship with my own Master, the Christ. It appears that Christ did not fully reveal himself to me until He knew I was ready to accept Him. He had to bring Daniel into my life first as part of the preparation of bringing me back to my spiritual roots.

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Witnessing the Miracle of No-Thing ….

Every time I think back on that five minutes of wuji I am more deeply awed. In front of a whole group of people including my much respected teacher of qigong, Jeff, I was able to step aside and witness wuji happening through me. The results were awe-inspiring! I found myself able to do what I knew I could not do – not only did

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True Purpose of Ego

Ego does have a higher purpose. Once refined and aligned with Source, it becomes that which directs the intention of the One Will. Without refinement, the ego runs us and attempts to control our world by self-will. Our wants and lower frequency desires keep us scattered and unfocused. Our attention is on the external world and so is constantly shifting from one thing to another.

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