Fighting Reality Generates more of What We’re Fighting Against!

photo credit: popculturegeek.com Let me start by saying that, personally, I do not tend to take on causes of any sort – simply because I’ve noticed that to take on a cause generally means I must identify one side as the victim, and the other side then must automatically become the “bad guy,” or persecutor. To me this misses the point. The point becomes who

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Reality says, “What We Resist, Persists …”

There are basic universal principles that define Reality. Wise men of every generation have observed these universal principles at work in the natural world. Certain of these guiding principles are the very foundation upon which the Reality Formula™ is based. For instance, we know that Reality is a medium that supports life, in the same way that water is a medium that supports aquatic life.

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Rising to the Call of Consciousness ….

photo credit: kretyen There are “sacred times” in our life, often very scary or painful times, that are meant to prompt us to move to a whole new level of awareness. There will be a set of circumstances that shake our notion of who we are to the core of our being. It is probably the thing we immediately think of, as we read these

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Shifting our perception through basic spiritual principles ….

photo credit: emrank When we view the world through basic spiritual truths we shift from the victim mind to mental freedom. We become free thinkers; free of guilt, resentment and pain of any and every kind. Our minds are freed from the restricting and limiting thoughts that keep us imprisoned in the painful emotions that go along with victimhood. There are only a few principles

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