Hand in Hand With Source

During my daily practice recently I was, as I often am, visited by fears of unkind possibilities and ominous things to come. I felt the panic that comes with thinking thoughts like, “bad times are coming and I don’t think I can deal with them.” Recognizing that I was getting caught up in the fear swirl generated by such thoughts, I turned inward to Source

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Lessons from my Dog, Syrus

photo credit: Raúl A. We have a relatively new addition to our pet family. His name is Syrus and he is a full-blooded German Shepherd who is young, high-spirited, and totally full-of-himself. Fortunately he is also smart, eager-to-please, and responsive or else there would be no containing him at all on our morning walks! Our habit is to take our dogs on a morning walk

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We Don’t Need to Know How to Make it Happen …

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Only when we believe that there is a reason for every single event, situation, encounter in our lives can we truly relax into trusting Source. We must believe there is an overall plan whether we know what that is or not. I like to think that the Universe informs us on a need-to-know basis. When it’s time for us to know, we

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