Holding a Pattern of Thought

There’s been a pattern put in place by a thought. It is held in place by that thought stream of energy. (I am fat … sick ….etc) and there is an incessant “voice” that speaks constantly to us to cooperate … (You are fat … sick, etc) in the proving of it. And so we do.

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Just Don’t Believe ….

“If we don’t invest our troublesome thoughts with the full support of believing in them, then we don’t have to ACT like we believe them. And that changes everything. 🙂 Lynne

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How do I get rid of negative thoughts?

I wanted to comment on something I heard a client say recently … She said, “… I have to stop thinking negative thoughts ….” While it is true that it is through being more gentle and kind to ourselves that a more loving relationship can be obtained… it is also important to ask; How in the world does one go about “stopping” negative thoughts? I,

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Outer reflecting the Inner. …

Here’s another example of how outer reflects the inner…. Parking for the Convention Center is in a several storied garage … when I returned to the seminar I was attending after lunch on Saturday, I ended up parking on the very rooftop of the garage since it was so full. But it wasn’t until that evening after the seminar ended that I discovered the real

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Welcome to Lynne’s blog

Welcome to my blog … you are welcome to read along as I share stories of life and consciousness unfolding. It seems appropriate that I would start today, Feb. 26th 2007 … since it is mine and Daniel’s 13th anniversary as a couple. He is such a big part of my consciousness journey. I see relationship as a sacred path designed to shape and evolve

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