Times of difficulty ….

It has been said that master souls take on lifetimes with big challenges because they understand that enlightenment results from dealing with difficulty. I like to remember expressions like this whenever I encounter conflict or hardship…. It helps to remember I am being refined … which brings to mind one of my favorite Rumi Poems: Chickpea to Cook A chickpea leaps almost over the rim

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Follow Your Inner Truth

No, I don’t know that body-prayer, which I’ve found to be so life transforming for me will work for others the way it has for me…. I don’t really even believe that any other person can hand us a model, no matter how well it worked for them, that can guarantee that we will have the same results. Especially if we try to emulate theirs!

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Becoming A Thanksgiving Blessing ….

I didn’t want Thanks-giving to go by without sending each of you a blessed thought to carry you into and through the holiday weekend coming up. Family times are intense times for many because family members carry intricate stories about each other that are often and easily triggered when we all come together. Pause and listen a minute to the story that comes up in

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