Converting self abuse to self forgiveness….

What follows is a process of self-inquiry I did recently. I thought I’d share it as an example of the work that allows me to uncover the peace that otherwise lies buried underneath stressful thoughts. It seemed to be a clear example of how to consciously move away from a place of story-running, self denigration into a more forgiving state. Self abuse is a place

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We Teach Others About How To Treat Us….

Did you know that you are the one who shows others how you expect to be treated? It’s true. They learn from our own example about how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves. For instance, if I seldom take time for myself or am neglectful of my own care … then that’s what i am modeling about the treatment I expect from

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Teaching Body-Prayer

Recently I’ve been exploring whether I really want to teach body-prayer (this is the term that came into my mind when I asked what to call it) … is it something I’m being prompted to do or something I feel I should do? Is it ego driven or Source prompted? I’ve gone back and forth. When I think about teaching it in any sort of

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The Body Connection

The only thing I have to share with others (the only thing any one of us can share) is my own experience of Reality. This is all anyone, no matter how free they may be, can do. We can only teach about the nature of Reality as we experience Its flowing through us. Of course that will be affected by our own lens. Our internal

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