Practicing Surrender

It is so important to practice surrender. Surrender is what allows us to merge with the stream of consciousness that runs through and enlivens us always. This stream – an ever flowing mental current, is the stuff eternity is made of …. Surrender is what takes us forward into it – this never ending expansion of a single flowing river of Mind. We get there

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More on Surrendering Judgment

When we are coming from a surrendered state, we naturally look for the gifts being offered through the circumstances we experience. We look for reasons why things ARE the way they are, rather than for reasons why they should not be this way or that. We attune with gratitude to whatever is happening, because we understand that the Universe is benevolent and that enables us

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Surrendering Judgment

To surrender my judgments about a situation and the stories about what it all means or about how things should have been different …. this is the quickest route I know to restoring peace. Seen through the eyes of surrender, even very painful situations look very different. When I allow myself to see the situation as a “what is” – and trust that it happened

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Silence & Surrender

In my practice yesterday I learned something about the nature of “Silence” … I realized that the words space and surrender and silence are all synonymous terms for the same thing. Silence happens in the space created when we surrender attachment to our thoughts. Surrender is to let go of the need to be right about what I am thinking. Surrender happens every time I

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