Keys to Freedom … Freely Shared

I share with you the keys to freedom I have been given because they are not mine to keep. What you do with the gleanings you may find here in my posts, and elsewhere, is not my business … that would be between you & Source. It is up to you to decide whether what you read here is true. Only bear in mind that

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What’s this headlong rush for enlightenment all about anyway?

It’s never too late for an inner awakening … but when you really think about it … what’s the hurry, scurry for enlightenment that so many of us seem to feel? It’s as if we think we’re supposed to get it for ourselves – or like we’re failures if we don’t “get it.” It seems to me that such pursuits will prevent, rather than precipitate,

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Meeting in the Middle; The War of the Opposites

When we are spiritually mature, we live at the dividing line, within ourselves and out in the world, between polarized opposites – between black and white, right and wrong – right where any polarized notion, position, or viewpoint meets the other point of view. Through our maturing process, we move in towards the centerline where the opposites meet  (and often  clash) and away from the

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Lessons From A Child About Accepting Reality

photo credit: ThrasherDave My 14 month old grandson has been clingy towards his mama lately, constantly wanting in her lap and crying to be held. The other day, he sat at her feet crying while she was trying to work and I asked if I might help by taking him off of her hands for a few minutes. She seemed only too glad to accept.

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Witnessing the Miracle of No-Thing ….

Every time I think back on that five minutes of wuji I am more deeply awed. In front of a whole group of people including my much respected teacher of qigong, Jeff, I was able to step aside and witness wuji happening through me. The results were awe-inspiring! I found myself able to do what I knew I could not do – not only did

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