The price of surrender …

This morning I crawled to my morning practice in front of my altar steeped in self-recrimination. I had become acutely aware of my own painful stand-off against Source. I was seeing vividly my own state of resistance, and knew I was being held prisoner by my own unwillingness to surrender. I realized that my  addiction to the reactive mind (especially regarding one particular situation), had

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What is Daily Practice?

 h.koppdelaney On the surface, purely for description sake, what I do every day and call my daily practice can be said to be a combination of prayer, inspirational reading, yoga and qigong. But these words are empty. They do not convey more than an outline, if that, of what goes on for me during those sacred times each day. More accurately, but still limited by

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Daily Practice: Learning to Align, Surrender, Clear & Receive

A daily practice is about learning to align, surrender, clear and receive. We align through setting our intention on connecting with The Highest Source. We move into postures that open and align us physically with it and then we let go of the mental chatter, focusing only on the reality of what we are experiencing in and around us now. We surrender. But I still

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