Unconditional Acceptance … Like Sunshine.

If you want an example of unconditional acceptance, think about the sun. It shines equally on everything in its path … It doesn’t say to itself, “Oh that little pebble, it’s so insignificant and undeserving of my sunshine”. It just shines. It doesn’t say, “Oh that’s a great masterpiece and therefore SO deserves my brilliance”. It just gives its shine freely – without measure, to

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To Go, or Not to Go On a Pilgrimage

2007-08-13 4:02 pm Out of the blue this morning, I invited my son to walk the Camino Pilgrimage in Spain with me and he agreed. I am still marveling over how it happened. I’ve been in this process of deciding to go or not to go for months … three times I decided I was not going — it’s too expensive and difficult on a

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