Learning to fly …..

photo credit: fauxto_digit “A clear mind … is like a bird flying above us, who in its own mind does not know how to fly …. and yet still does.” -Byron Katie When our mind is not bogged down with the stressful, self limiting stories we habitually believe then we are free to become that which we cannot otherwise fathom as possible. We become what

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Authenticity Resides in the Present.

Someone recently spoke to me about their preference for people who are “authentic” …. It prompted me to ponder on the word, and wonder … “What determines authenticity, anyway?”…. Here’s what I think … I think we’re authentic to the degree that we’re able to give our full attention to whatever it is we’re doing right now – in this very moment. … And I

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Thoughts become Things

Yesterday, during my centering, I asked the question; “What story am I currently believing?” Immediately I caught a glimpse and heard the words, “… I am awakening ….” “Ah yes,” I thought, “that IS my current story …. …I tell myself that I am awakening into Reality. Awaking from a dream based on unquestioned stories about “me” and “my life”. Awakening through the process of

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Our Behavior Is Not An Accurate Determiner of Who We Are.

This story we’re living out – this identity we mistakenly call “me” – doesn’t determine the true nature of who we are, nor determine “what we’re really like” …. This self consists of an accumulation of beliefs about ourselves – not who we really are “beneath the facade “ … these are just stories that tell us what we believe. When we remember that how

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Seeing Self in Another ….

Seeing another as yourself is the true way to see each and every person you encounter. This does not mean you see a friend as a “self centered, control-freak” and then in the name of doing the work, take that set of labels and turn them on yourself in some twisted form of a turn around. That’s just self abuse. That’s not what we’re talking

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