Seeds from Source; Grounding our “mountain-top” experiences

photo credit: cliff1066 Many times I return from a “mountain top experience” in consciousness, only to find, sometimes within moments, that I am back in the density of an ego stratosphere filled with mental chatter that undermines my mountain top experience. What possible design by nature & ego might there be for this tendency to feel totally surprised, again and again, when we return and

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Noah walked with God ….

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I’ve mentioned before that every character in the Bible has relevance for us. We have within our psyche it’s counterpart that relates to us. Lately I’ve been reading and studying Noah and the message he brings to us about ourselves. Right off the bat, in the Genesis account of Noah and the flood, we are told who Noah was (and is in

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The Bible is a Living Vortex of Energy …

by pilot_micha I have come into a relationship with the Bible only in recent years. My husband, Daniel is largely responsible. I grew up with a mother who had become disillusioned with organized religion. She left the Methodist church when I was seven – about the same time that she introduced me to the concept of reincarnation. She was a seeker and an avid reader.

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Proof Of His Love For Us ….

The Kingdom is Real … God is REAL … and unnamable… and unfathomable and so intimately in love with you that He ministers and prompts your every breath. What more evidence than that could we possibly need as proof of His Abiding Belief in us? How could we possibly doubt Him or His Love for us when He is as close to us as our

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