“How do I meditate?”

This question is one I am often asked. It prompts my left brain thinking mind to want to come up with a technical analysis and plan, a “how to” manual on meditation. If I did such, perhaps I could  call it, “The Right Way To Meditate. I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek, and irreverent perhaps; I do not mean to put down meditation. Nothing of the

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Staying Focused On Source

m photo credit: Eddi 07 I notice how the presence of even one person can interrupt my focus on Source. When I am alone, I can surrender fully to a Source of Energy that stretches, opens my heart and moves me. I practice opening to that inspiration, and allowing it to prompt and guide me. Nothing stands between me & Source during those solitary moments.

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Our Contract with Source

photo credit: Art By Steve Johnson I believe that each of us is given the opportunity to create a personal relationship with Source. We do it by entering into a sort of contract with our Creator Source. We make an agreement with Source that we are willing to surrender to the emotional purge that comes from our life challenges for the purpose of spiritual refinement.

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From self-reliance to Source Reliant ….

photo credit: Jokerface 13 In the beginning it’s all about becoming self reliant. This is so necessary, of course! How else are we going to be able to build confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves? I started life on my own at an early age. I was fifteen when I left my family home. By the time I was 17, I was

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