Containers for Source

photo credit: Heather Clemons I like to think that we are specially made containers for Source. In the same way, a potter shapes particular vessels for particular purposes from clay (a pitcher for pouring, for instance, or as a vase for flowers, a sugar bowl etc) – we too, I like to think, were specially designed to carry Source energy a particular way for a

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Daily Communion with Source

by h.koppdelaney Daily communing with Source brings a moment when we are so at-one that all we can hear or sense is the inner sound of a giant “SHHHHHHHHHHHHH….” This is the sound that Source makes as it moves through the mind. Source barrels through us like a big hushing river of light and the chattering ego is left babbling on the sidelines, its din

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Becoming One With The Silence

In our daily practice …. We become quiet, not because we have imposed silence upon ourselves, but because we are eagerly experiencing the Presence of Silence within. We eventually become so quiet that there is no longer even a listener. No one is left to hear the silence. There is only Silence. We have merged with It – we are only That. This is what

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Hearing the small still voice

Receiving answers to life’s questions through inner dialog is ALWAYS available to us. All that’s required is that we be quiet enough and trusting enough to hear that “small, still voice”. The goal is to stimulate access to a sort of ongoing conversation with that Inner Wisdom throughout our day. This is why I encourage a daily practice. The discipline of starting each day with

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In Avila, Spain

No matter that I understand synchronicity to be an integral part of the Way … it still continues to awe and delight me when I experience it.  Going to Avila proved to be a wonderful synchronistic happening for me.  Here´s the way it happened.   When we were planning our trip to Spain, Andrew and I decided that we wanted to visit some other city in Spain after completing the camino in Santiago.  His request was to find a castle where we

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