From Victim Consciousness to Source Realization; Spiritual Awakening

We are each on a journey. In my opinion, that’s why we’re here – to play out in concrete form our own belief systems, for the sake of consciousness, and so that we might learn to adjust our thoughts to a higher frequency and bring an end to our own, self-made,  suffering. Nobody said it would be easy. Earth life is boot camp for the

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What’s this headlong rush for enlightenment all about anyway?

It’s never too late for an inner awakening … but when you really think about it … what’s the hurry, scurry for enlightenment that so many of us seem to feel? It’s as if we think we’re supposed to get it for ourselves – or like we’re failures if we don’t “get it.” It seems to me that such pursuits will prevent, rather than precipitate,

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Seeds from Source; Grounding our “mountain-top” experiences

photo credit: cliff1066 Many times I return from a “mountain top experience” in consciousness, only to find, sometimes within moments, that I am back in the density of an ego stratosphere filled with mental chatter that undermines my mountain top experience. What possible design by nature & ego might there be for this tendency to feel totally surprised, again and again, when we return and

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