Alignment, Surrender, and Grace; The Three Sisters of The Divine Feminine

 Every morning now, since December 16, 2006, I’ve been meeting and “dancing” with my Inner Beloved.  Eight years of committed loyalty to my One True Love – but who’s counting? 😉  I go to my mat in the early morning hours, arising often while it is still dark. In winter, I stumble in to my “inner sanctuary” (a room set aside) finding it warm already,

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Are You In Alignment with Reality?

photo credit: alicepopkorn We know we are living in alignment with Reality and Source when … 1. We want what we have rather than running after what we don’t have. We understand that our life is the way it is to show us the path home to Self and Source. 2. We enjoy what we are doing right now, rather than hurrying through it so

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Our Contract with Source

photo credit: Art By Steve Johnson I believe that each of us is given the opportunity to create a personal relationship with Source. We do it by entering into a sort of contract with our Creator Source. We make an agreement with Source that we are willing to surrender to the emotional purge that comes from our life challenges for the purpose of spiritual refinement.

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