Which do you choose – Source or Separation?

photo credit: alicepopkorn Source, in its infinite wisdom and compassion for us, stands back, allowing us the freedom to believe whatever limiting thoughts we choose (and the suffering that goes with it). Source does not intervene or attempt to rescue us from our painful thinking. It just goes on ceaselessly radiating its Light and Kindness – leaving us free to choose: Do we choose to

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The Essential Commitment – to Self & Source

photo credit: Peter from Wellington The simple truth is, we cannot commit to anything until we commit to ourselves. Recognizing where we come from, and to What we are connected is important for commitment to self to take place. Until the relationship between self and Source is our priority, we will go on chasing after illusions of acceptance through reputation and material success. Nothing is

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What I Added to Lose Weight & Restore Health

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I mentioned in my last post that guilt was the first thing I gave up to help me lose weight. But there was also something I added to my daily life that was equally important in the process of transforming my health. I added a practice devoted to aligning with Source every day. I spent years gathering resources for personal healing: yoga,

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Prompting From Source; Universal Guidance

photo credit: nflorence2012 Source chooses the perfect moment for things to be done – all we need to do is wait for Its prompting, rather than trying to bully, guilt, coerce or force ourselves into doing what we think “should” be done; rather than forcing our own will on the situation. When we are moved by Source, rather than our own egos, we can trust

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Noah walked with God ….

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I’ve mentioned before that every character in the Bible has relevance for us. We have within our psyche it’s counterpart that relates to us. Lately I’ve been reading and studying Noah and the message he brings to us about ourselves. Right off the bat, in the Genesis account of Noah and the flood, we are told who Noah was (and is in

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