Keys to Freedom … Freely Shared

I share with you the keys to freedom I have been given because they are not mine to keep. What you do with the gleanings you may find here in my posts, and elsewhere, is not my business … that would be between you & Source. It is up to you to decide whether what you read here is true. Only bear in mind that

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Being all the way to Doing … and Back Again

In a state of morning surrender I abide, for long seconds at a time, in The Vibrating Silence. Being in that Presence, bathing in its Essence, one with it … There is no separation. No thought, not even the awareness of a self, is possible here. Then, suddenly the Observer Within notices the experience – it stands back to see that state of Beingness …

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Striving for, or Surrendering to, Source?

photo credit: jsayer I’ve found life flows smoothly when I keep my focus on Source (rather than on doing what I think Source wants me to do for Him). Source simply wants ME, all of me, lock, stock & barrel, as His own. To give ourselves fully to that Life Force, whatever one may choose to call It, is the highest goal. (I prefer the

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To align with the purposes of Source, or not …

photo credit: jaci XIII There were a few things more I heard from my inner voice on that beautiful evening in my garden. I believe that messages from Source are often sent and as we fine-tune our observer consciousness, that part of us that receives the influx of Source Energy and transcribes it for our understanding, we become more receptive to these ‘downloads of revelation.’

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Containers for Source

photo credit: Heather Clemons I like to think that we are specially made containers for Source. In the same way, a potter shapes particular vessels for particular purposes from clay (a pitcher for pouring, for instance, or as a vase for flowers, a sugar bowl etc) – we too, I like to think, were specially designed to carry Source energy a particular way for a

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