Believing in Miracles

photo credit: szlea We get addicted to our painfully limiting conditions and forget that they originated in our mind – with our thoughts/beliefs. We think we are at the mercy of our conditions, when in fact, we are only as controlled by them as we believe ourselves to be. This is because it is our thoughts that set the energy tone for our whole life

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Familiarity With Source

photo credit: popejon2 Just as spending time with a person who we enjoy brings close familiarity, spending time daily with Source brings a similar sense of familiarity. Spending time with loved ones allows us to learn their nuances and ways, even their peculiarities – the same thing happens when we spend time with Source. It’s how a close relationship is built. We call this phenomenon

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The Miracle of Believing

photo credit: h.koppdelaney My daily practice is my morning hook-up with the Universe and with the Living Intelligence that continues to enlighten and heal me. For instance, a couple of mornings ago, I went to my studio feeling physically low. I had been dealing with a head cold and body aches for a couple of days and now the cough was moving into my chest.

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Verifying Belief

The ideas I present throughout this blog are ones I’ve gathered from literary sources, from my travels & life experience, and from actual study with masters of my choosing; I’ve observed these ideas at work in the lives of those who confide in me and I’ve experimented with them in the laboratory of my own personal life. I have verified them to my own satisfaction

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Remembering Who I Am

photo credit: Candida.Performa I forget who I am all day long. But there’s a difference now. Now I remember that I am forgetting And I return to remembering — All day long. photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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