“How do I meditate?”

This question is one I am often asked. It prompts my left brain thinking mind to want to come up with a technical analysis and plan, a “how to” manual on meditation. If I did such, perhaps I could  call it, “The Right Way To Meditate. I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek, and irreverent perhaps; I do not mean to put down meditation. Nothing of the

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Comparing Ourselves to Others

photo credit: Eddi van W. Often we may feel compelled to compare ourselves to others as a way to evaluate our progress. To do so is defeatist however, simply because it is not how we are doing in relation to others that essentially matters. Such comparisons tell us nothing really – they cannot give us a realistic measure of where we are on our life

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Hearing the small still voice

Receiving answers to life’s questions through inner dialog is ALWAYS available to us. All that’s required is that we be quiet enough and trusting enough to hear that “small, still voice”. The goal is to stimulate access to a sort of ongoing conversation with that Inner Wisdom throughout our day. This is why I encourage a daily practice. The discipline of starting each day with

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