My Self, Revealed

photo credit: ePi.Longo This morning, while doing a qigong breathing exercise during my morning practice, I suddenly visualized a blinding beacon of light penetrating me deeply through my closed eyes. It lit up my mind – my whole self felt on fire with light. My first immediate thought was, “No wonder I’ve been so judgmental of myself lately! With all this supernatural light my every

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Welcome Baby Kai – the family grows ….

Baby Kai (my third grandson) arrived, perfect and whole, in his radiant new self, last Friday. There were no surprises … he kept his birth “appointment” right on time. (Delivery by c-section had been foretold.) And he is beautiful and mellow too. We are delighted. I write these words from our home, where we’ve retreated; Daniel and I along with the new parents, baby. big

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Compassion versus Pity

Yesterday, as I was walking out of the Ladies restroom at Walmart, a woman in a wheelchair was coming in and, without any sign of hesitation, she asked me to help her go to the bathroom! I was surprised and so impressed with her beautiful ability to ask for what she needed in such a wonderfully open way. Of course, I said yes …. I

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