Self Sacrifice Is Not Love

by artyfishal44 I’ve been reading some of the Seth Material recently and deeply resonated with the following words, “Regardless of what you have been told, there is no merit in self-sacrifice. for one thing it is impossible. The self grows and develops. It cannot be annihilated. Usually, self sacrifice means throwing the “burden” of yourself upon someone else and making it their responsibility.” (The Nature

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We Teach Others About How To Treat Us….

Did you know that you are the one who shows others how you expect to be treated? It’s true. They learn from our own example about how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves. For instance, if I seldom take time for myself or am neglectful of my own care … then that’s what i am modeling about the treatment I expect from

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Personal Modeling of Inner Work

I got triggered this weekend. I got feedback that, to me, implied that I lacked compassion. I could tell I was hooked because I felt guilty and uneasy. I immediately started listening to the mental story I was running and heard my old familiar theme song playing … “You are so self centered and selfish – you’re incapable of caring for anybody… blah-blah.” At first

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