We Teach Others How To Treat Us

photo credit: ????? ??????? For years I’ve said to clients, “we teach people how to treat us.” Let me explain what I mean by those words: Let’s say that someone believes that they are unimportant. How would that person interact with others in their life? If we observed closely we might watch that person put the needs of others first, often ignoring their own to

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How We Attract Life Partners – Good & Bad

 photo credit: JasonDGreat Since we know there are no mistakes, no coincidences, (see Guiding Principles ) we can assume that that includes the relationships we find ourselves in. Truthfully, we handpick the people in our lives to be exactly the way they are because the way they are reinforces what we have come to expect from relationship! Here’s how it works: As children we make

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Believing We’re Unlovable

photo credit: Symic The worst part of believing that we are unlovable is that we start acting the part. In so doing, we interact with others in ways that end up proving to us that our belief is true. We become people who act in ways that are hard to appreciate. We become someone who is difficult to love. We go on believing and behaving

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