Sharing a Limited Concept of Self with Others

I’ve learned to be careful about the stories I tell about myself to others. I’ve learned that when I tell someone something negative or limiting about myself, I run the risk of ending up with now two of us believing a stressful story about myself …. I then carry, not only the weight of my own judgment, but of theirs as well. How can it

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Stumbling In the Dark … Living Unconsciously.

Being unconscious is like having lived in a dark room for years – not being able to see and stumbling over the same obstacles again and again…. When we’ve lived in the dark so long, we feel victimized by the things we stumble over … we feel at the mercy of these obstacles within us and accuse and blame our life situations for holding us

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Teaching Body-Prayer

Recently I’ve been exploring whether I really want to teach body-prayer (this is the term that came into my mind when I asked what to call it) … is it something I’m being prompted to do or something I feel I should do? Is it ego driven or Source prompted? I’ve gone back and forth. When I think about teaching it in any sort of

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