Putting Daily Practice to the Test

We had a nine day summer dance camp in our home here on the mountain last week (which explains why I haven’t blogged in so long). There were 15 kids (ages 10 -19) and four grown ups who stayed with us in our sprawling rancher for the duration. My job was to prepare the meals and “manage the house” to support the dancers in their

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The Universal Response …

Perhaps, you recall (or maybe not) my earlier mention of the desire to acquire a better vocabulary for describing this alchemical inner body process that I’ve been experiencing so that I can pass it on more effectively. I’ve been practicing with commitment – and “sincerity”, Jeff, my recent Qigong teacher would say – for some years and am eager to share its success with others.

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A Case for Daily Practice

We really start making headway on the path when we begin to recognize the benefits of having a committed daily connection with Source. The catch is that doing a daily practice from a place of “I should” or guilt can actually defeat the purpose. This is because “should’s” and “shouldn’ts” belong to ego …. When ego is in charge of our daily practice, our motives

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