Using the Aikido of Consciousness to Side-Step Blame

photo credit: Eddi van W. The observer self is that neutral inner space that allows us to recognize that people tend to automatically react from their own unconscious patterns of belief, rather than because of us. This knowledge makes it possible for us to stop making their reactivity about us. This means we can stop taking the doings and sayings (and all the reactions) of

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Self Blame leads to Judgment of Others ……..

by FatBusinessman Negative judgment of others acts like a finger pointing, it reflects back to us our own internalized guilt. Blame of self is behind all externally focused negative judgment. For instance, when I find fault in you … I am really seeing something about myself that I have not accepted. Instead of owning it, I deny it and look for a way to blame

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The Family Scapegoat

by aka Quique Dysfunctional families are those who are stuck in victim mentality. Every dysfunctional family needs a scapegoat. What is victim mentality? It’s a state of mind that is perpetually looking for something “out there” to blame for the situations and encounters that are happening in life. Victim mentality is the result of a dysfunctional family system. When the significant caregivers in the family

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