The Price of Guilt

“Why are THEY my family”, we may find ourselves wondering. It’s not unusual to feel disconnected and alienated from our relatives … we tell ourselves that we’re different – or that we can simply never “fit in” or get along with them. I no longer buy the notion that my family is not THE family I’m supposed to have. I see so plainly how my

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Seeing Self in Another ….

Seeing another as yourself is the true way to see each and every person you encounter. This does not mean you see a friend as a “self centered, control-freak” and then in the name of doing the work, take that set of labels and turn them on yourself in some twisted form of a turn around. That’s just self abuse. That’s not what we’re talking

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Compassion for Self-hatred ….

I believe that self loathing is actually very common … perhaps most (if not all of us) have it. I believe that self hatred come from the ego as well as from that part of us that is in rebellion against the ego. In other words, I think it may well be the ego that is both the loather and that which is loathed! It

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