How do I get rid of negative thoughts?

I wanted to comment on something I heard a client say recently … She said, “… I have to stop thinking negative thoughts ….” While it is true that it is through being more gentle and kind to ourselves that a more loving relationship can be obtained… it is also important to ask; How in the world does one go about “stopping” negative thoughts? I,

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Self Forgiveness

Yes … It is our strong negative reactions towards others that gives us a “visceral view” of our feelings towards ourselves. Our reactions show us where forgiveness is needed. Forgiveness of the other… yes, but that will come automatically as we focus our attention on forgiving ourselves. Forgiving ourselves for what? Perhaps we have not forgiven ourselves for choices made back when we were inexperienced

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Staging and Starring In Our Own Productions

Remember, the work teaches us that our reactions are always about us – not the other person. The reverse of that is just as true. Their reactions (behavior, feelings, beliefs) are always about them and their story – not about us. What does this mean? Here’s the image that came to my mind a couple of mornings ago …. Every single human being is engaged

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Forgiving Darkness

Every one of us contain the seeds for every extreme within our psyches … a Hitler, child murderer, a rapist …. When we encounter extreme darkness, we immediately turn our awareness inward to investigate what these happenings have come to teach. We trust that everything, even painful circumstances, happen “for” – not “to” us. We look to our own painful reactions for the lesson and

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