To align with the purposes of Source, or not …

photo credit: jaci XIII There were a few things more I heard from my inner voice on that beautiful evening in my garden. I believe that messages from Source are often sent and as we fine-tune our observer consciousness, that part of us that receives the influx of Source Energy and transcribes it for our understanding, we become more receptive to these ‘downloads of revelation.’

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On the effort of making me right

I was telling you about the other evening in the water garden when I realized I was tormenting myself with the thought, “I should be different,” – remember? Well, there’s more awareness that came for me that evening. photo credit: wonderferret For instance, while realizing what I was doing to myself by demanding that I be someone different, an analogy came to mind: I saw

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Learning From Our Painful Relationships

photo credit: Sydigill When we approach our painful relationships with the intention to use them to discover more about ourselves, we grow exponentially. For example, when instead of fighting against the way someone treats us, we look at how our interaction with them reflects our own thoughts, feelings and behavior towards ourselves, we do better because we put our energy towards the things we can

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The Essential Commitment – to Self & Source

photo credit: Peter from Wellington The simple truth is, we cannot commit to anything until we commit to ourselves. Recognizing where we come from, and to What we are connected is important for commitment to self to take place. Until the relationship between self and Source is our priority, we will go on chasing after illusions of acceptance through reputation and material success. Nothing is

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Self Acceptance

Emotional and spiritual progress is a relative thing – unique to each individual. Consciousness grows in proportion to how well we relate to ourselves. The more we accept ourselves for where we are on our journey, the faster consciousness expands. We can measure the degree of self acceptance we have by noticing how much less we negatively judge ourselves and others. Critical judgment diminishes in

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