Persecuting ourselves on the victim triangle

Hopefully we are growing in awareness of how we play out the victim triangle in our relationship with others. But are we as aware of how we play out the victim triangle internally with ourselves? As I questioned who I become when I believe the thought that I should be different, I saw how I move through all three roles on the victim triangle in

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 photo credit: stevensimbox I had an encounter with Source recently that literally brought me to my knees. I arrived home late after a long day of work with much on my mind. I was eager to get home to where I could sit down and sort through my thoughts with my husband, Daniel. Apparently, however the Universe had other plans for me that evening because

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Following The Questions In To Forgiveness ….

Self abuse is a place where many of us get stuck …Learning to forgive and accept ourselves, especially if we’re not living up to some notion we have about what we’re supposed to be like, is not something many of us know how to do very well. It’s good to remember … any kind of low frequency emotional reaction is simply an alert that indicates

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Even Self Loathing Serves….

In thinking about the function of self loathing, I’ve come to this conclusion…. I absolutely believe that the self loathing voice in us can be a primary motivator for consciousness. It produces a most uncomfortable frequency that drives us to higher ground. It may well be that without the self generated misery that loathing instills, we would evolve very little indeed! So … a toast

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Choosing Frequency

One of my students (thanks Je :)) shared the following example as a way to explain how frequency works ….She said;”Let’s say you enter a room full of people.  Half of the crowd is angry and negative and the other half are very positive and upbeat.   The Law of Vibration says that whatever frequency you’re on when you walk into the room will determine

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