Appreciating the Hard Times

photo credit: benhamin My daughter once said, “Mom, I don’t mind the hard times. Times when I struggle, not knowing from where the money will come are special, maybe even sacred, times.” She continued, “I’ve noticed that its during such times that I see miracles most clearly! I get to experience those “just-what-I-need-at-the-moment” sort of miracles. They stand out, those miracles, becoming so visible, so

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The Gifts That Come From Poverty

photo credit: alicepopkorn Many of us find ourselves struggling with financial limits and stress. As we grow in awareness of how energy works we may find ourselves wondering what is causing the constricted flow. Are we doing/thinking something wrong? Many of us have learned that the way to manifest abundance is to properly attune to a positive higher frequency by keeping the mind focused on

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