Teaching Kids To Choose Happiness

My daughter and my three grandchildren were visiting recently and I suggested that we take the dogs and walk over to see the new cabin our neighbor was building just up the road. Everyone was enthusiastic about going except for my youngest grandson who just turned four. He was immediately resistant. It was too hot, he said. His head hurt, and he needed his mama to

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Lessons in Reality For Kids …

Often when our key team players and family members come together, we bring our youngsters (children and grandchildren). It’s great fun for all, even those inevitable times when there’s some kind of fall-out between kids, for then it becomes a learning opportunity for all. During such fall-out, we use the real life situation to teach the children (and ourselves) more about applying the guiding principles to

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How Are Bullies Made, Really?

I have been learning so much about the origins of bully energy from writing my workbook for Teachers and Parents on Bully-Free Consciousness this past summer. I have taken my work with adults to the kids in our life  and allowed them to show me what kids do with these concepts! I find that kids catch on very quickly about the three archetypes, or roles,

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Family Miracle: Teaching Children How To Embrace Reality

I got to witness a miracle of the very best kind this past weekend! The very best kind of miracle, to my way of thinking anyway, is one that brings about healing transformation for whole family’s at a time, and that’s just what I had the opportunity to witness during our recent “Victim-Free Parenting”. I love the way Source works through us. Weeks before the

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With Kids, Every Moment is a Teaching Moment,

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I’ve spent the last ten days traveling with my grandchildren, my daughter, another young mother with her children, and Daniel. It was a working vacation for us, and I can imagine the look of disbelief in your eyes when I say that it was wonderful! Our trip was well-planned (thank you, D!) and leisurely, designed to incorporate the needs of both the

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