The Victim Addiction

photo credit: Lomo-Cam Victim consciousness is the number one addiction that underlies all addictions … which may at least partially explain why it is so hard for some of us to take space from those who abuse us. We are commonly addicted to being on the victim triangle with one another; we are addicted to rescuing (trying to control their outcomes), and persecuting others (when

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True Support Empowers ….

by chinarut True support empowers others. We can only offer authentic caring for others from an internal place of fullness. When we take full responsibility for our own health & happiness – then we can become a true source of comfort and guidance for others. When we are fulfilled, we have something real to give …. When we are unfulfilled … there is only emptiness

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Rescuers Become Martyrs ….

by wjhe We know we’ve been rescuing when we end up feeling unappreciated and resentful because “they” don’t notice how much we’ve done for them. This is the inevitable martyr/victim stage of rescuing. But it’s not their failure to appreciate us … but our own self neglect that leaves us feeling so bereft of support. The antidote? Give yourself the support you wish they would

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Rescuers See a World Full of Problems

by several_bees Rescuing is always based on a “problem” mentality”. This care-taking state of mind is one that looks out and sees a world that needs to be fixed. When we are in rescue-mode, we think we are the ones that are supposed to fix the torn & broken world we perceive – it’s a sort of “god-complex” really. Rarely does it work out well

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Bailing Others Out Backfires Every Time

by wednesday181 Rather than being a solution, “sharing the wealth with less fortunates”, I fear, can become a thinly guised rescue maneuver, doomed to end up producing even more unfortunates” in need of being care taken. When done on a national level, big government takes the role of the controlling parent who dictates what’s best for its sons and daughters under the guise of helping.

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