Motives for Rescuing Others

by hairybald When we help others out of a need for approval or a sense of guilt, obligation or superiority, we are rescuing. This puts us on the Victim Triangle™ where we end up in the victim role. Here are a few possible underlying motives for rescuing: Because we believe that it’s selfish to take care of ourselves, we do for others from a hidden

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Recovery From Rescuing …..

“Recovery from Rescuing” by Jacqueline Castine It’s the motivation behind our acts of caring that determines whether we’re really helping others or actually engaging in a more destructive type of care-giving known as “rescuing”. Rescuing comes when we put ourselves in a one-up position and look down on others, seeing them as inadequate and/or incapable. Castine’s book, “Recovery From Rescuing”, is a great resource for

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