Finding the “Right” Relationship

 photo credit: Coffee Monster Single clients who are looking for a mate, say things like: “I am lonely & unhappy because I don’t have someone to share my life with,” or “I don’t enjoy being alone. I need someone – someone who will treat me right.” From those who are married, I hear, “He/she doesn’t listen to me or consider my feelings,” or “I feel

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Staying Centered In Challenging Relationship

photo credit: Photofreak! Believe it or not, it is possible to experience peace and contentment even when we are in relationship with a “less than desirable” partner. A shift in our own consciousness is all that is required. (Notice I did not say that it is our partners consciousness that must shift! :)) To experience such a shift in consciousness we must learn to perceive

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Transforming relationship through spiritual principles ….

Once I began to practice seeing my life situation through a lens of universal principles I stopped feeling powerless in my relationships with others. Instead of feeling mistreated by my husband (as I had been doing) for instance, I was able to see that his behavior was a reflection of that part of myself that was frequently frustrated and short tempered towards myself (& him)!

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The Price of Guilt

“Why are THEY my family”, we may find ourselves wondering. It’s not unusual to feel disconnected and alienated from our relatives … we tell ourselves that we’re different – or that we can simply never “fit in” or get along with them. I no longer buy the notion that my family is not THE family I’m supposed to have. I see so plainly how my

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When we relate to others from ego ….

When we relate to others from our wounded egos we use people. That’s the only way that part of us knows how to relate. The ego aspect of us sees friends as commodities … as objects that can be helpful or useful – to be used and discarded at will. It’s the part that objectifies everything. It’s the part of us that sees illusion. From

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