Everything our children need to know can be learned at the dinner table …

  By Lynne Forrest We discount a natural, powerful, highly effective tool for teaching our kids essential skills for life, when we fail to use food and the ritual of family mealtime to support life lessons. We have this powerful motivator called food readily available to us for teaching purposes, if we but knew to take advantage of it! After all, every human being must

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Remembering My Victim Past

Recently Daniel was reminiscing out loud about how I was back in my “victim days.” He talked about how I used to seem ever vigilant, always on the lookout for what was NOT going according to my plan of how things should be and how miserable I made myself (and everyone around me, too) when things were not proceeding according to “Lynne’s dictates.” (I like

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How We Attract Life Partners – Good & Bad

 photo credit: JasonDGreat Since we know there are no mistakes, no coincidences, (see Guiding Principles ) we can assume that that includes the relationships we find ourselves in. Truthfully, we handpick the people in our lives to be exactly the way they are because the way they are reinforces what we have come to expect from relationship! Here’s how it works: As children we make

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Learning From Our Painful Relationships

photo credit: Sydigill When we approach our painful relationships with the intention to use them to discover more about ourselves, we grow exponentially. For example, when instead of fighting against the way someone treats us, we look at how our interaction with them reflects our own thoughts, feelings and behavior towards ourselves, we do better because we put our energy towards the things we can

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An Ongoing Relationship With Mom

The day after I returned home from Mom’s funeral, we made contact. It happened like this: I was in my morning practice, when suddenly I saw her clearly in my mind’s eye. She was strong & healthy, her eyes were clear and piercing. There were no signs of debilitation whatsoever. We carried on a mental dialog. She told me she was ready to continue her

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