Staying Focused On Source

m photo credit: Eddi 07 I notice how the presence of even one person can interrupt my focus on Source. When I am alone, I can surrender fully to a Source of Energy that stretches, opens my heart and moves me. I practice opening to that inspiration, and allowing it to prompt and guide me. Nothing stands between me & Source during those solitary moments.

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The Essential Commitment – to Self & Source

photo credit: Peter from Wellington The simple truth is, we cannot commit to anything until we commit to ourselves. Recognizing where we come from, and to What we are connected is important for commitment to self to take place. Until the relationship between self and Source is our priority, we will go on chasing after illusions of acceptance through reputation and material success. Nothing is

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What I Added to Lose Weight & Restore Health

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I mentioned in my last post that guilt was the first thing I gave up to help me lose weight. But there was also something I added to my daily life that was equally important in the process of transforming my health. I added a practice devoted to aligning with Source every day. I spent years gathering resources for personal healing: yoga,

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