What’s Our Responsibility And What’s Not?

 photo credit: woodleywonderworks In getting off the Victim Triangle we must shift our priorities by changing our perception about who we are and are not responsible for. Below is a list of shifts that occur in our primary relationships as we recover from rescuing: Taking responsibility for ourselves becomes our number one priority regardless of how selfish we used to think taking care of ourselves

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Recovery From Rescuing …..

“Recovery from Rescuing” by Jacqueline Castine It’s the motivation behind our acts of caring that determines whether we’re really helping others or actually engaging in a more destructive type of care-giving known as “rescuing”. Rescuing comes when we put ourselves in a one-up position and look down on others, seeing them as inadequate and/or incapable. Castine’s book, “Recovery From Rescuing”, is a great resource for

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Bailing Others Out Backfires Every Time

by wednesday181 Rather than being a solution, “sharing the wealth with less fortunates”, I fear, can become a thinly guised rescue maneuver, doomed to end up producing even more unfortunates” in need of being care taken. When done on a national level, big government takes the role of the controlling parent who dictates what’s best for its sons and daughters under the guise of helping.

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