The Benefit of Building The Habit Of Impeccability

We have forgotten the art of impeccability as a spiritual tool and we suffer mightily from it. Without the practice of impeccability we never realize what it is to reach our full potential – the code for which we carry in our cellular DNA – we never know the full extent of the unique and creative selves we came to express. Instead we settle for

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The Reality Formula™ Goes South to St Petersburg, Florida in Early 2017

I recently experienced an “inner instruction” that, in truth, is the reason this email is being written!  It’s an encounter with the numinous that has given me the next step for my work with The Reality Formula™. Here’s the story: During my visit over the Thanksgiving holidays with my son, Andrew Guilfoil, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was doing my usual morning practice, It

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What is The Reality Formula®️ and The Reality Formula For Kids?

The Reality Formula®️: The Reality Formula®️ describes what all minds do, whether we are conscious of it or not: When we believe what we think, we feel and act as if it’s true … and when we feel and act as if what we think is true, we automatically react in ways that will prove us right. The Reality Formula®️ is a powerfully effective process

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The Law of Cause & Effect Denies Coincidence even in Cases of Abuse …

Since there are NO coincidences, we know that this thing that is happening in our qigong community is not an aberrant happening … it is a call to Awaken those parts of us that are still lost in blame… Personally I have no desire to talk anybody in to or out of anything. That is not the intention of this post. I trust that we

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Changing Focus from Bigger and Better to Going Small Instead…

Recently my inner process brought me around to seeing my work in a more concentrated way. I was looking for ways to make the services I offer more personal, more intimate … in other words, I’ve been thinking in terms of “going small” rather than investing in ways to appeal to more and more people. Let me share with you what brought me around to seeing my work

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